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General questions we hear frequently:

The information is divided into two sections, Borrowers and Lenders. Anyone using the site who has questions can contact us directly using the information on the contact page.


Where is the loan application?
There are no loan applications on Moneyspot. Find lenders in the area you or your property are located and contact them directly. Most lenders will be able to give you an idea if they can help you with a simple phone call. Keep calling until you find the help that best fits your needs.

Are these lenders to developers or individuals?
Depends. Many of these lenders work primarily with developers while others work with any type of borrower, which includes smaller individual loans. Contact the lenders near your property and they will quickly let you know if they can fund you. If they cannot, expand your focus and keep on contacting.

Are the companies listed here affiliates of Moneyspot?
No. These are independent companies that have had their lending practice listed here to better reach you. It is incumbent upon you to do the due diligence necessary to ensure you are working with a currently licensed company legally allowed to practice lending in your state. This is the same type of due diligence you would want to conduct when working with a company you have found through a TV, radio or print advertisement. We are a focused advertising medium.

How are these businesses different from the big bank down the street?
The interest on these loans can be higher because these types of loans can be riskier. The rate is also higher because the lender usually pays a higher rate to acquire money. Often, these firms pool money from private investors to loan on first trusts deeds, construction loans and other types of real estate loans.

Are these just lenders or will they do joint ventures?
These are business people. I know of loans for one lender that turned into a joint venture for another. They want to make money and if you can bring them a good deal, they may bite. Put together a good deal and get to work contacting lenders and remember, no does not always mean no.

What do I do if I have a problem with a company?
You will need to deal with the regulators in your state, if you are unable to resolve the problem with the company directly. Also, please let us know, as we are not interested in having companies who do not treat their customers with the utmost respect.

Can any of these lenders help if my credit is destroyed?
Possibly. These lenders tend to be more interested in the underlying value of the property. For example; if you own a property worth $400,000 with a $100,000 mortgage and need to borrow $100,000 to renovate and sell but do not have a job, a lender from the Moneyspot site is more likely to consider the application than the traditional big bank. Remember, it does not hurt to ask. These lenders are often small businesses who want to loan you money and can make the decision on-site without having to worry about committee process.

Where do I register?
To make our site convenient and easy to use, there is no registration required on your part. Use Moneyspot as you wish, when you wish. (Lenders can register here.)

What about personal info?
Because we do not collect personal information that can be sold, traded or used in other ways, your personal information is safe. You do not share personal information with your Moneyspot in order to find a lender, like other sites. We allow you to find lenders directly--the only people who should need your information.


I registered but have not received my confirmation e-mail. How long does it take?
You should receive your confirmation within a few minutes. If you have not, check your spam box and filters. Otherwise, contact us at and we can help.

Can private lenders be added to Moneyspot?
Lenders of all sizes can be added, as long as lending decisions are made in-house.

How do we add our business?
Simple: Lender Signup

I have added my site but it is not on the map. Why?
It is usually available within three business days. [More info...]

Do we have to include the Google ad on our page?
When you sign-up you can tell us in the Special instructions field that you do not want the small Google ad to be on your page.

Great question. There are many reasons why you want to be listed on Here are a few:
- Over 80% of searches for real estate transactions are starting on-line and Moneyspot is the resource for direct lending.
- This is where fellow lenders come to find partners.
- This is where individuals who wish to invest in trust deeds can find you.
- The large lenders believe that brokering is moving in-house. Whereas it has been a 70/30 split with originations happening outside, it is expected that borrowers are going to dramatically change their habits and go directly to lenders. You must have a presence as a lender, which Moneyspot provides.
- Our price is so ridiculously cheap it is a no-brainer.